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Raboteau Enterprises was birthed by passion. It began with a seed sowed into the founder as a youth to lead his family of God-fearing entrepreneurs to become positive role models and change makers in their communities. We are motivated by faith in Gods promise and with His Sacrifice, we have a perfect model of how we are to serve our clients.

Graceful Placement Agency assist families with locating and arranging a safe and accommodating home for their elderly loved ones. We have developed a network of elite senior living facilities and boarding care facilities to supply options for families based on budget and demographics. Leave all the headache work to us; we already have a handle on it!

TribeNationT.V. is the Raboteau’s of Escondido, Ca YouTube channel! The family broadcast fun activities, pranks, cooking, live events, instructional videos and more. Subscribe and Stay Tuned as we debut new episodes soon.

Pursue Your Passion Foundation serves the under represented communities through mentor programs. We’ve served hundreds of youth by mentoring via football training camps, science camps at local universities and more. Our feed the homeless drive frequently delivers food, water, clothing and prayers to the San Diego homeless communities. The 2019-2020 year looks to direct its mentor programs towards more online classes and political curriculum.

We proudly introduce medicinal cannabis to our areas of expertise. Family Medicinal will abide by all the new cannabis laws of the land to provide safe and healthy products for the families of the Raboteau and their local dispensaries. For more information about the industry, please visit our Blog.

We look forward to passionately supporting you using our God given talents, compassion and industry experience.

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About The Raboteau’s

We are a fun loving group that loves to start new businesses, learn from the experiences to make it better next time. We love God and are delighted to be a part of the fellowship with Him through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to doing business with you, serving our community with you. Be Blessed!

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